野生のイルカと目を合わせ 共に泳ぐ それは至福の時。




Ayano Suzuki

Ayano Suzuki : Dolphin Swimmer, Under Water Model, Photographer

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Ayano Suzuki : Dolphin Swimmer, Underwater Model, Photographer

Ayano was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
After graduating from Tokyo University majoring in Agricultural Chemistry, she went on to persue her Master's Degree at the Graduate School of the same university.

While working in research and product development at a private company, she made a solo trip to Ogasawara(World Natural Heritage BONIN Islands in Japan) and encountered wild dolphins for the first time.
Enchanted by their lovely eyes and the sounds they produce, she set her mind towards expressing the wonders of the underwater world.

Ayano's photographs are taken by skin-diving without tanks.
She finds peace and happiness in making eye contact with wild dolphins, connecting with them and slowly swimming in sychronization.
Her photos of dolphins are unique in that they capture their expressions in a way that can only be taken by a Dolphin Swimmer, and her aim is to show the world of the excitement of swimming with dolphins.

Other activities Ayano is involved in includes research of the biology/behavior of dolphins and their interaction with humans, TV commercials as an underwater model, TV appearances as a dolphin specialist, lecturer at photo workshops, writing of articles and columns, and movie and 3D image editing, etc.



・Work as underwater model/dolphin swimmer
Exhibited at a film festival - "Swimming with Dolphins"

・Work as photographer
Exhibited at a film festival - "The Great Nature and Total Solar Eclipse in Ogasawara"

・Work as underwater model
"Encounter with Sand Tiger Sharks via Skin-diving"

・A scene from training at a diving pool


 TV appearances, TV commercials, magazine articles, images for TV broadcast etc.
 One-man photo exhibitions, talk shows, photo workshops etc.

 Magazine articles, images for TV broadcast
 Undersea Travel magazine, Mikura Island

 National Geographic China, photo of swim with dolphins at Mikura Island

 News articles and TV appearances for 3D representations of Turkish ocean


Please contact
ayacat219@nifty.com for job offers and inquiries.

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